A Vila

Sintra lies in the exceptional syncretism achieved between Nature and Ancient Monuments as well as in the pioneering architectural dream that raised, particularly in the scope of Romanticism. In Portugal there is no place like Sintra. In Europe, even worldwide, it becomes difficult to find an exact parallel, for its complexity and also for its characteristics, between Natural and Built Heritage. However, we could evoke some parts of Central Europe, where superb, romantic palaces were built during the 60 years of the nineteenth century, surrounded by magnificent landscapes. But we must recall that the Pena Palace in Sintra, the prototype of European Romanticism in an exuberant mix of styles, with its exotic and medieval echoes, above the Germans in at least a quarter century.

Besides its natural landscape, it is situated in the center of a unique park in its kind, consisting of thousands of trees collected in the four parts of the world. A phenomenon that, it is also seen in the Monserrate Park.

For all these reasons - and for many others - Sintra truly deserved to be classified by UNESCO as World Heritage, having been registered under the designation of "Cultural Landscape of Sintra".