The capital

Just half hour from Quinta do Brejo, Lisbon, the capital Portugal. The Legend says that Lisbon was founded by Ulysses and its name derives from the Phoenician words, meaning "enchanting port". It is an ancient city, beside the sea and a strategic position - on the edge of Europe - came to making a major seaport. During the Age of Discoveries, Lisbon enriched through trade of jewels and spices.

Lisbon is a historic capital, with character and charm where 800 years of different cultural influences mingle with modern trends and lifestyles, creating a truly unique contrast. The light that brings out the vivid colors of the city is magnificent. Some say that this light is unique from several European cities.

You can find in Lisbon unique peculiarities: the Fado, a Portuguese musical style, sights throughout the city that invite you to walk on the hills of the city and have a magnificent view over the River Tagus.

Besides, you may also find a unique architectural style - the "Manuelino" built during the reign of King Manuel I - the Jeronimos Monastery, The Torre de Belém, Monuments recognized internationally.

For many of these reasons, Lisbon invites your visit!