Dom Tomaz Alarcão

Dom Tomaz Alarcão, was born in 31 de Março of 1959. Since his childhood, he had in his family a close proximity to Equestrian leading to that remains today.
At 24 years old, Tomaz Alarcão starts to attending the Arena of Master Nuno de Oliveira, being his student and later of John Oliveira, Nadine François and also of his uncle and friend, Miguel Noronha Wagner.

In 1996, Tomaz Alarcão acquired this property full of stories of Horse Riding World, left not only by the Master Nuno Oliveira, but also by students who contributed to the practice of Equestrian Art. Today, many services are performed, such as the rental box's, lessons, courses, etc.
Quinta do Brejo gives to you the opportunity to live in this environment, not only for riding, but also to stay in a natural environment where the air and nature merge with the proximity of the sea.

Quinta do Brejo