Master Nuno de Oliveira

Nuno de Oliveira was born June 23rd, 1925 and died on February 2nd, 1989, aged 64. He was one of the emblematic person of Portuguese equestrian culture, with an unique personality. Fond of classical music, Nuno de Oliveira rode always listening to Verdi music.

He was recognized worldwide as the last Grand Master of the Classical Riding. Embodied the passing era in which the academic and artistic riding of De la Gueriére eque in the twentieth century reached its peak with François Baucher, of whom he was a great admirer.

He travelled around the world beginning in Switzerland, by the hand of patron Auguste Baumeister, his Patron, riding the horse Euclides. After that, he went through many places, such as the Riding Schools of Europe, Cadre Noir and Vienna, in Austria, where he left a large number of students loyal to his teachings. Europe was not the limit: he travelled around the whole world - Peru, Costa Rica, USA, Philippines, Canada, Australia, Thailand, among others.

Through his talent, self-discipline and true love for horses, this great Portuguese Master reached primacy.

Master Nuno support that teaching and practicing riding should be based on lightness, freedom, beauty and harmony. He said further: "The horseman who constantly holds his horse with a strong touch can never improve; only the horseman who knows how to work his horse free, will discover the art of riding."

In 1973, he bought Quinta do Brejo, where he lived until his death and set up his arena in which hundreds of students worldwide have ridden. This arena has been and continues to be a school of sensitivity. A school of development of equestrian skill, and respect for the horse.